An MVP to report police interaction for better transparency and accountability

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Raheem.org is an independent service for reporting police conduct in the United States. By sharing stories, users help build a body of data that can be used by police oversight boards to shape policy and help public defenders challenge violent police officers on the witness stand in court.

We partnered with our friends at Wild Shore to create an MVP to help Raheem kick-off gathering incident reports. It had to be lightweight, fast, and responsive with one of the goals being street team advocates talking to people in the community and logging incidents using cellular devices.




Technical Direction, Responsive Development


Branding and Design by Wild Shore

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Fast, fast, fast.

The homepage takes under two seconds to load over typical 3g cellular connection. The Raheem team were able to take the finished product to the streets, meeting their KPI in a shorter time than expected.


Incidents Reported


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