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A brand experience for one of the largest US engineering consulting firms

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Kittelson & Associates are an engineering consultancy composed of a diverse, interconnected group of more than 200 people (representing 19 different countries) in 24 offices around the United States. Whether they’re recommending improvements for a single intersection or helping communities plan for autonomous vehicles, they love tackling transportation challenges through planning, operations, design, and research.

We partnered with Josh Boston to best showcase the amazing work they’ve done solving these challenges at various different sites across the country. The framework was also updated for a more modern, responsive experience replacing legacy code.




Technical Direction, Responsive Development


Design by Josh Boston

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Complex problem solving.

While Kittelson may spend the day-to-day solving complex transportation problems, their website experience is far from it. We developed an easy-to-use CMS that allows them to post multiple types of content, manage employees, and display their work in a beautiful, responsive framework.

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