A website and ecommerce experience for the first certified B-Corp bewery in the Pacific NW

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Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) is Portland’s first Eco-Brewpub. The 20-barrel brewery annually produces 13,500 barrels of beer and cider made from Pacific Northwest organic malts and hops in cans, bottles, and on draft.

Hopworks needed a site that could display the brilliant personality and character of their brand and chain of local breweries while also making themselves available on a modern ecommerce platform capable of booking kegs, selling cool brand stuff, and of course good beer.




Technical Direction, Responsive Development


Branding and Design by Jolby

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Sustainable, digitally and physically.

We created an admin system to store all beer and restaurant content with the ability to connect this data to multiple points throughout the website. The responsive framework serves different content to mobile devices for improved performance, targeting users on the go. In addition to a unified ecommerce experience, we created an online ordering system that allows users to order kegs-to-go without having to pick up the phone.


Kegs to Go


B-Corp Brewery in the PNW

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